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SRC Silicone Rim Joy

Preces kods: 47267-10

104.73€ 130.91€

A perfect rim job at the push of a button!The Silicone Rim Joy is the anal vibrator that will make t..

SRC Ultimate Rimmer

Preces kods: 47217-10

104.73€ 130.91€

For the perfect rim job! This little pleasure-giver massages the anal region very intensely with 7 v..

AFE Vibrating Ass Fucker

Preces kods: 47193-10

83.60€ 104.50€

Big pleasure thrust by thrust!This anal vibrator has a lot to offer because the realistic shaft is a..

Preces kods: 47001-05


This anal vibrator and G-spot/clitoris stimulator be used by both women and men. Men can use the vib..

AFE Gyrating Ass Thruster

Preces kods: 46194-10

104.73€ 130.91€

A lot of movement in the bowel!This vibrator really goes all out inside the rectum. It rotates, thru..

AFE Vibrating Ass Thruster

Preces kods: 46189-10

119.68€ 149.60€

The anal expert!The Vibrating Ass Thruster delivers exceptional sensations! One can enjoy three spec..

AFE Small Rechargeable Anal Pl

Preces kods: 46185-10

70.36€ 87.95€

Whisper-quiet buzz buddy!Black butt plug with 7 vibration levels at the push of a button. It has a r..

AFC Vibrating Butt Buddy

Preces kods: 46162-10

25.47€ 31.84€

The buddy for the butt!The vibrating butt buddy is the best friend one's anus can have! The strong m..

AFC Vibrating Thruster Black

Preces kods: 46160-10

101.19€ 126.49€

Thrusts and vibrates!The vibrating thruster always hits the right spot! It has 7 appealing and power..

AFC Beginner's Anal Anchor

Preces kods: 46159-10

27.24€ 34.05€

Anal joy at the push of a button!Silky smooth butt plug with multi-speed vibration. The cone-shaped ..

Preces kods: 45530-10


Compatible with the We-Connect app!Ergonomically shaped anal plug with a grooved perineum stimulator..

BV Vibrating ring & plug

Preces kods: 45511-10

23.96€ 29.95€

For impressive erections and prostate pleasure! Velvety soft Vibro-plug with an integrated perineum ..

Vick Black

Preces kods: 45510-10

51.99€ 64.99€

Pleasantly flexible and extremely versatile!Silky-smooth prostate vibrator with an integrated perine..

RemoteControlled Prostate Plug

Preces kods: 45495-10

55.96€ 69.95€

Stimulates prostate and anus!The butt plug with a thick tip is slightly bent to perfectly stimulate ..

Remote Control Butt Plug

Preces kods: 45494-10

55.96€ 69.95€

Anal pleasure at the push of a button!Silky soft butt plug with 10 vibration modes and 6 speeds. Can..

Vibrating Butt Plug

Preces kods: 45481-10

39.95€ 49.95€

A pleasure for prostate and perineum!Velvety-soft prostate vibrator with a dotted bar for the stimul..

Vibrating Butt Plug

Preces kods: 45479-10

35.96€ 44.95€

For anal enjoyment!Silky-smooth butt plug with a wide base and a slightly curved shaft. With 10 vibr..

Preces kods: 36212-05


Take control of your prostate pleasure!Sceptre is a rotating prostate massager that puts prostate pl..

Preces kods: 35680-05


LOKI offers 6 settings, extraordinary power, a completely new tapered design and a flared base that ..

Preces kods: 35679-05


LOKI offers 6 settings, extraordinary power, a completely new tapered design and a flared base that ..

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