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Preces kods: 4663-10

25.00€ 29.94€

Sparkly neck decoration for the slave or dominatrix!Black choker that has a wide front part, which i..

Preces kods: 4662-10

44.00€ 53.94€

Small bag with saucy content for bad girls!This small, beautiful vinyl bag with a quilted design con..

Preces kods: 4593-10

8.00€ 9.54€

Sensual accessory for thrilling moments!You will always be seductive and stylish with this beautiful..

Preces kods: 4592-10

8.00€ 9.54€

Delicate mask for thrilling games of seduction!Beautiful black mask made out of delicate, elaborate ..

Preces kods: 4590-10

10.00€ 11.94€

For sensual erotic games.The preformed black mask fits perfectly around your head and on your face. ..

Preces kods: 4503-10

97.00€ 118.80€

Impressively lifelike!This pair of connected silicone breasts really stands out because they look an..

Preces kods: 4502-10

137.00€ 166.80€

Up to 4 cup sizes bigger!These supple, aesthetically pleasing silicon breasts create an impressive b..

Preces kods: 4497-10

10.00€ 11.94€

Erotic detail for your thigh!Black garter made out of ruffled tulle (approx. 2.5 cm high) with a str..

Preces kods: 4496-10

12.00€ 14.34€

Erotic detail for your thigh!White garter with approx. 9 cm wide embroidery and a stretchy satin str..

Preces kods: 4495-10

10.00€ 11.94€

A fashionable accessory for the next party! A stretchy black choker with a decorative gold-coloured ..

Preces kods: 4494-10

15.00€ 17.94€

Wear this fashionable accessory to add that decorative touch to your outfit! You will be the centre ..

Preces kods: 4493-10

25.00€ 29.94€

An extremely fashionable accessory! This delicate chain harness doesn't just look hot, but it feels ..

Preces kods: 4492-10

79.00€ 95.94€

Your breasts will be two cup sizes bigger in the blink of an eye!These soft, nicely shaped silicone ..

Preces kods: 4491-10

59.00€ 71.94€

For bigger boobs in the blink of an eye!These soft and smooth silicone pads give you a seductively s..

Preces kods: 4490-10

29.00€ 35.94€

2 anatomically shaped silicone pads: your breasts will appear 1-2 cups bigger than before. Each one ..

Preces kods: 4488-10

25.00€ 29.94€

The icing on the cake!Black, extra long gloves made of wetlook fabric. 92% polyester, 8% elastane...

Preces kods: 4487-10

10.00€ 11.94€

Seductive detail for your thigh! Black lace garter with a small decorative satin lace. 90% polyester..

Preces kods: 4486-10

10.00€ 11.94€

This is how you can finish off every outfit!Beautiful choker made of black lace with 6 eyelets and s..

Preces kods: 4485-10


Put yourself in the spotlight!Silver coloured bikini chain with droplet shaped pearl at the back. Ca..

Preces kods: 4484-10

20.00€ 23.94€

The very special chain!Elastic three-row pearl chain for the neck - joint by a further chain with th..

Sieviešu rotaļlietas un aksesuāri

Erotisko fantāziju realizēšana ir viena no atslēgām, kas atver durvis uz laimīgu seksuālo dzīvi

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