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Preces kods: 53985-03

1 995.00€

Doc Johnson has partnered with Motorbunny to elevate the world’s first and only hybrid saddle vibrat..

Preces kods: 53297-03


Meet the Robo Fuk Deluxe Sex Machine. This incredible machine is a good fit for couples and will pro..

Preces kods: 53049-03


Enjoy endless pleasure with this luxurious realistic thrusting vibrator. This vibrator has a powerfu..

Preces kods: 51671-03

1 899.00€

Single or double penetration, vibrating pleasure, a wireless remote control, and more! Athenas Ultim..

Preces kods: 51670-03

1 499.00€

Let the Super Milker Deluxe Stroker Machine do all the hard work for you! This love machine is speci..

Preces kods: 51495-03


Show your sub or partner who is in control with the Dick Stick! Punish and play with your partner wi..

Preces kods: 51489-03

1 899.00€

This is definitely not our first rodeo! Introducing the LoveBotz Saddle Deluxe, a high-powered piece..

Preces kods: 51344-03


You have never felt anything like the intense thrusting power of this sex machine! This all-inclusiv..

Preces kods: 51324-03


Punish and please your sub in this deviously distinctive twist on a stockade! Restrain your sub by t..

Preces kods: 51279-03


A multifunctional stool for the bedroom! The Banging Bench Extreme Sex Stool makes solo sex easy and..

Preces kods: 51268-03


The Gigolo Fuck Machine is a stylish and elegant sex machine of great quality. The machine can be ad..

Preces kods: 50825-03

1 699.00€

Introducing the LoveBotz Saddle, a high-powered piece or vibrating machinery that will take you on t..

Preces kods: 50710-03

1 499.00€

Meet the Versa Fuk Sex machine. This luxurious machine will pleasure you whenever you want. The only..

Preces kods: 50627-03

1 299.00€

We are excited to introduce our new Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine! Designed to do all the ..

Preces kods: 49598-03


Anatomically shaped pink rocking seat with two integrated vibrators for intense vaginal AND clitoral..

The Cowgirl - The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine

Preces kods: 48399-05

2 200.94€ 2 751.18€

After galloping through a magical rainbow, our Cowgirl morphed into a beautiful Unicorn and is ready..

FFS The Bigger Bang Sex Machin

Preces kods: 48108-10

342.97€ 428.72€

With 2 powerful motors for the thrust function and the rotation! Mains-powered sex machine in a hand..

FFS Portable Sex Machine

Preces kods: 48106-10

415.05€ 518.82€

Small, compact and full of power – perfect for when travelling! Mains-powered sex machine in a handy..

FFS Int. Extreme Sex Machine

Preces kods: 48105-10

428.05€ 535.06€

For orgasmic fun – alone or with a partner! Sensational sex machine – there is a masturbator at one ..

FFS Int. Couples Sex Machine

Preces kods: 48107-10

380.38€ 475.47€

For orgasmic fun – alone or with a partner! Sensational sex machine – there is a masturbator at one ..

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