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Preces kods: 56678-02


Grab life by the horns! Trot into tantalization with the Two-Nicorn attachment for The Unicorn and T..

Preces kods: 56677-02


Hop on for mythical orgasms! Partake in a pinch of pleasure with the special edition Jackalope attac..

Preces kods: 56676-02


Enter the splash zone! Ride the rapids down the Mystical Waterfall attachment for The Unicorn and Th..

Preces kods: 56675-02


A ride to the skies! Gallop into ecstasy with the Magic Hide special editionUnicorn Premium Sex Mach..

Preces kods: 56674-02


Swirl into fantasy! Take a magical twirl into euphoria on the Uni Horn Unicorn and Cowgirl Premium S..

Preces kods: 56673-02

2 490.45€

The Unicorn Premium Sex MachineGet ready to ride the rainbow! Fill your treasure cave with magic on ..

Preces kods: 56672-02


Wild wild west! Standing tall and proud, the Wild West Silicone Attachment for the Cowgirl Premium S..

Preces kods: 56671-02


Giddy-up on the Bronco silicone attachment, featuringa realistic shape complete with bulging veins a..

Preces kods: 56670-02


Giddy-up on the Bronco silicone attachment, featuringa realistic shape complete with bulging veins a..

Preces kods: 56669-02


This ain’t your first rodeo … Saddle up with doublepenetration stimulation with the Buckwild silicon..

Preces kods: 56668-02


Revel in deep G-spot stimulation that’ll knock your bootsoff with the Lone Ranger silicone attachmen..

Preces kods: 56667-02


Saddle up for a smooth ride with The Cowgirl Bareback silicone attachment. Just long enough to allow..

Preces kods: 56666-02

2 490.45€

The Cowgirl Premium Sex MachineThe Cowgirl is a premium sex machine aimed at revolutionizing a long ..

Preces kods: 48399-05

2 391.99€

After galloping through a magical rainbow, our Cowgirl morphed into a beautiful Unicorn and is ready..

Preces kods: 48106-10


Small, compact and full of power – perfect for when travelling! Mains-powered sex machine in a handy..

Preces kods: 46959-02


Dark magic love cushion with 2 detachable cuffs. 1x Feather tickler. 1x PU Paddle. 1x Repairing kit ..

Preces kods: 39133-2


The new 40 degree angled, t-shaped braze stabelizing the trusting arm enables excellent stability.An..

Preces kods: 39132-2


Erotically, stimulating, thrusting sexmachine. 360 Degree rotation, Powerful strokes can vary from v..

Preces kods: 39130-2


The Love Rider Sex Machine is extremely quiet; it is the most amazing and most comfortable ride you'..

Preces kods: 39121-2


Fully adjustable excite sex machine! Operates horizontally and vertically with a long thrusting arm ..

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