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Preces kods: 2671-10


A need for men!Folding ruler (2 m) made of lacquered wood with full erotic surface print on 2 sides...

Preces kods: 2634-10


Rest your head erotically....!Sift skin-coloured plush pillow with full breasts and big pink nipples..

Preces kods: 2621-10


Your gift idea!Yellow shampoo for men in their best age. With this shampoo the balls' skin seems to ..

Preces kods: 2620-10


Just the sight of them make mouths water for…!Pack of 2 penis shaped cookie cutters. Measurements: a..

Preces kods: 2578-10


A joke apron for HIM and HER! A classic white apron with a picture of a half naked woman's body wear..

Preces kods: 2570-10


A baking tin for cheeky party fun!Are you looking for a funny surprise for a birthday or hen party? ..

Preces kods: 2567-10


Great as a cheeky gift!You will definitely make them laugh when you give them this skin-coloured too..

Vannas un mājas piederumi

Erotisko fantāziju realizēšana ir viena no atslēgām, kas atver durvis uz laimīgu seksuālo dzīvi

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