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Preces kods: 2548-10

10.00€ 11.94€

The lubricant for a smooth back passage!Water-based lubricant particularly for the anal region. Appl..

Preces kods: 2511-10

12.00€ 14.34€

For a lot of fun around the bum!Natural organic lubricant in an ecologically correct and compostable..

Preces kods: 2510-10

6.00€ 7.14€

For a lot of fun around the bum!Natural organic lubricant in an ecologically correct and compostable..

Preces kods: 2507-10

29.00€ 35.94€

The new water-based lubricant, Just Glide Anal, with its 7-plant formula makes easy insertion possib..

Preces kods: 2505-10

10.00€ 11.94€

A Smart Price Starter‘s Set!If you want a little bit of everything, you can get all of the three Jus..

Preces kods: 2506-10

20.00€ 23.94€

If you like to play on a bigger scale, you need this version of the Just Glide value set. It goes wi..

Preces kods: 2502-10

8.00€ 9.54€

Enjoy slippery anal play straight away! Water-based, medical lubricant specifically designed for bac..

Preces kods: 2501-10

4.00€ 4.74€

Enjoy slippery anal play straight away! Just Glide Anal stands out from the rest because of its high..

Preces kods: 2498-10

13.00€ 15.54€

Klatschnass - is what we call it!It's a - literally - soaking anal lube with little black anal care ..

Preces kods: 2466-10

18.00€ 21.54€

Enjoy relaxed anal sex!Nutritive anal spray with a cooling effect to sooth your skin and facilitate ..

Preces kods: 2444-10

15.00€ 17.94€

Special fluid for gliding pleasures and erotic massages! Silicone-based fluid for long-lasting lubri..

Preces kods: 2426-10

12.00€ 14.34€

Glide gently into the paradise of lust!Flutschi, the lubricant with the stimulating scent of ambergr..

Preces kods: 2400-10

10.00€ 11.99€

For anal pleasures!Skin-caring lubricant, silicone-based with especially long-lasting gliding proper..

Preces kods: 2399-10

16.00€ 19.20€

The World's first 100% natural lubricant!All ingredients are produced upon a natural or biotechnolog..

Preces kods: 2380-10

16.00€ 19.69€

Perfect lubricant especially for anal intercourse!Organic, vegan, water-based lubricant. Especially ..

Preces kods: 2345-10

15.00€ 18.00€

Rich, long-lasting anal lubricant. Safe to use with condoms, watersoluble and free of oils. Dermatol..

Preces kods: 2340-10

18.00€ 21.54€

The ideal lube for anal starters and pros. A silky shine water/silicone based lube gel especially de..

Preces kods: 2326-10

20.00€ 23.94€

Make your fantasies come true!Silicone-based lubricant specially for anal intercourse. With nutritiv..

Preces kods: 2327-10

10.00€ 11.94€

Make your fantasies come true! Silicone-based lubricant specially for anal intercourse. With nutriti..

Preces kods: 2322-10

45.00€ 55.14€


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